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How much does a Golf Cart weigh?

It depends on many things, but most golf cart weight between 800 and 1100 pounds. The weight of your golf cart can be changed by the following:

  • Battery weight
  • Golf cart size(seats)
  • Electric vs gas cart
  • Accessories put on the cart

To what extent do batteries add golf cart weight?

Now that you know that the golf cart weight of the batteries plays a significant role in the overall weight of a golf cart, you may be asking: What is the weight of a golf cart battery? The weight of the battery pack for your golf cart might be anywhere from ten to three hundred pounds. The reason behind this is that certain golf carts need larger batteries, and in some cases, several batteries. The weight range of EZ-GO and club vehicles powered by batteries is rather similar, so that’s one way to tell them apart. When fully charged, how much does a golf cart weigh? In both cases, the weight of a golf cart may be described using two different words.

Dry weight: The dry weight of a golf cart is the weight of the cart before the battery or other golf cart accessories have been installed. This indicates the weight of the golf cart without these components. Because components such as the battery have the potential to add a significant amount of weight to your golf cart, these two distinct weights have been taken into consideration.

Curb weight: You will most likely need to use the curb golf cart weight as your reference because your golf cart will probably be in its finished form with the batteries and improvements fitted. This means that you will need to use the curb golf cart weight. How much your golf cart will weigh once the batteries have been placed is referred to as the curb golf cart weight.

Different Types of Golf Cart Weight

A precise weight for any kind of golf cart is hard to determine due to the many factors involved in the computation. All of the above-mentioned criteria, as well as perhaps additional ones, will determine the weight. Speak with the manufacturer is the best method to find out how much your cart golf cart weight.

What is the weight of a gas-powered golf cart and an electric golf cart respectively? Does the weight of the various kinds of golf carts vary? Indeed, a distinction exists. Because electric golf carts run exclusively on batteries, they are often heavier than gas golf carts. The number of battery cells in an electric golf cart can range from four to six, which doubles the vehicle’s curb golf cart weight.

To provide you with an idea of how much a cart’s weight might vary, below are a few instances of various golf cart weights.

2 passenger Club Car Villager weight of golf cart: 48-volt Electric 975 lbs;  Gas 675 lbs

Lifted 4-passenger Club Car Carryall weight of golf cart: 48-volt Electric 1125 lbs;  Gas 875 lbs

6-passenger Club Car Precedent Stretch PTV weight of golf cart: HP Electric 1293 lbs; Gas 980 lbs

Golf Cart Weight Limit for Cargo and Passengers

To make your golf cart last longer, it is suggested that you don’t put more weight on it than it can handle. There may be times when a golf cart moves more slowly than usual when there are too many people on it. You could hurt your cart’s power systems if you do this too often.

People in each seat of most golf carts can weigh up to about 200 pounds. For golf carts with more people, that limit will go up. To be safe, make sure that there are not more people on board than seats. Here are some examples of how much weight a golf cart can carry.

2 seater: ~ 400-550 lbs

4 seater: ~ 800 lbs

6 seater: ~ 1500 lbs

2-seater Utility: ~ 800-1200 lbs

How much weight can a golf cart pull?

Most golf carts can pull up to 1,000 pounds of goods, but some can pull more. You can move small items over short distances without using a full-size vehicle by pulling them behind a golf cart. What can a golf cart pull? How much weight your golf cart can pull will depend on the brand and specs of your cart.

When it comes to how much your golf cart can pull, horsepower is also important. How much horsepower does a golf cart have? A gas golf cart has 10 to 12 horsepower, while an electric cart has 3 to 5 horsepower. This means that the gas golf cart can pull more weight because it has more pulling power. There are some exceptions, like the 48-volt Club Car DS, which can have up to 10hp instead. If you want an exact number, you will need to ask the company that made your cart how much horsepower it has.

Find out if your golf cart can handle the weight of the trailer before you use it to pull something. Also, make sure that your golf cart’s tire pressure is right so that you don’t damage it. With a golf cart, you can probably pull the following:

How Can You Tow A Golf Cart?

You have found the right place to find out how much a golf cart weighs so that you can decide if you can move it. You should know how much your golf cart weighs before you put it on a flatbed truck or a trailer so that it can be moved safely. Before you use a pickup truck to move your golf cart, make sure you read our guide on golf cart measurements for loading and moving. You can also find information in this guide about what kind of trailers you can use to pull a golf cart and which ones are best.

Lux Golf Carts

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