4 seat golf cart – 6 seater golf cart

Electric carts from our 6 seater golf cart and 4 seat golf cart series are now available for sale at Lux Golf Carts in 6-seater versions.

Electric golf cart

4 seat golf cart

When it comes to high-end electric 4 seat golf cart for sale, our company is a well-known dealer, and our prices are reasonable. It makes us proud to offer a range of top names, such as Lux Golf Carts and Beast 4 seater golf Cart. As a straight factory supplier, we let our customers skip the middlemen and save a lot of money. We’re proud that all of our 4 seat golf cart are made in the United States, with a focus on quality and usability that can’t be beat. Our 6 seater golf carts are very flexible and can be used for many different things. Our 4 seater golf carts provide a top-notch experience whether you’re taking a relaxing drive around the neighborhood, going on an exciting adventure in the woods, or spending the day on the golf course.

The silent power of our 4 seat golf carts and 6 seater golf cart is what makes us stand out. They have all the power without the noise, so players, neighbors, and people walking by can all enjoy peace and quiet. You can’t help but notice how sleek they look and how well they work. Our “stretch upgrade” choice will make your experience better by turning any cart into a roomy six-seater golf cart, great for taking family and friends on outdoor adventures with you.

Find out about the exceptional workmanship of our golf carts that are made locally.

We make each model with great care in Washington, USA, using decades of experience. Picking our golf carts is not only a smart way to get around, but it also helps the local business and community.

Excellent customer service is only a moment away because we have locations in almost every state in the USA.

Lux Golf Cart can help you find the best six-seater golf cart for your needs and way of life. Trust that the thing you buy from us will make you happy.

4 seat golf cart
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