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Unbeatable Price Alert: Premier Electric 6 Seater Golf Cart

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Electric carts from our 6 seater golf cart and 4 seater golf cart series are now available for sale at Lux Golf Carts in 6 seater golf cart versions. Golf courses, resorts, hiking trails, and any other leisure activity that requires transportation for bigger groups would benefit greatly from these eco-friendly cars. No need to worry about making many excursions or renting extra cars when you have a 6 seater golf cart to carry all of your friends and family throughout the region.

Get the golf cart of your dreams today with our wide selection of models and exclusive financing options!

Not only can our 6 seater golf carts fit bigger groups, but they also have a lot of great features that make them safer, more comfortable, and better at what they do. This is why you might want to pick the Pro form.

Why Choose Our Electric 6 Seater Golf Cart and 4 Seater Golf Cart?


Efficiency: Our 6 seater golf cart and 4 seater golf cart  are designed to provide the most value for your money. We promise you won’t find a better value anywhere else thanks to our unbeatable price guarantee.

Electric 6 Seater golf carts are a great way to join the green movement and travel in an eco-friendly way. They go hand in hand with your eco-conscious lifestyle since they are both comfortable and help reduce carbon footprints.

The most recent technological advancements allow our 6 seater golf cart and 4 seater golf cart to provide first-rate performance. We guarantee a dependable and entertaining experience with our carts, whether you’re driving about your neighborhood or traversing golf courses.

The quality of our electric golf carts is unmatched, and we stand by it. You can buy with confidence knowing that every model has passed our stringent durability and safety tests.

Customization: Our 6 seater golf cart for sale are available in a wide range of shapes and features, so you may make them exactly what you want. You may customize your cart to suit your specific needs and preferences, choosing from a variety of stylish styles and powerful features.


The electric golf cart with 6 seater golf cart  and the electric golf cart with 4 seats both come with a lot of features that are meant to make driving them better. The brand-new cart has a Titan body that is both stylish and strong. It sits on a frame that has been lifted. The 12-inch metal wheels make the cart look sleek, and the built-in charger makes sure you’ll never be without power. There are six lead-acid batteries in this 6 seater golf cart. For your peace of mind, each one comes with a full guarantee. The underside has 7-color LED lights that makes your rides look more fancy. For your safety, the cart has LED lights on the front and back, as well as turn signs and stop lights. A fold-down windshield, custom black seats with a logo, a custom fold-down back seat, fender flares, and a rearview mirror are some of the other features that make driving easy, reliable, and fun.


You can bring it to a family lunch, go for a drive with friends, or test its tough build on rough terrain. Both leisure and business use are taken into account when we build our 6-seater and 4-seater golf carts. With the strong electric motor, you can easily go up and down hills up to 25 degrees, and the front suspension makes it easy to control even on bumpy ground.

We at Lux Golf Carts know that each customer has their own tastes and ideas. These reasons are why our 6 seater golf cart and 4-seater golf carts can be customized. This way, you can add your own style and make the cart truly yours. Our team will help you make your dream golf cart, from picking out the color of the body and seats to adding extras like a cooler or roof rack.


  • 14″ wheels available in body color or Black/Silver options
  • Six lead-acid batteries with full warranties
  • LED head and tail lights, turn signals, and stop lights. 
  • Fold-down windshield 
  • Custom fold-down rear seat
  • Front cargo basket
  • Fender flares 
  • 7-color LED lights 
  • 12v accessory plug, and a USB charging port. 
  • Upgraded floor mats

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our electric golf carts are the best deal because they combine low prices with high quality, cutting-edge technology, and eco-friendly performance. There is no other place where you can get the same amount of quality and benefits for less money.

How long a fully charged battery lasts depends on the type and how it is used. Our carts can usually go up to 50 miles on a single charge, so you can use them for a long time without having to charge them often.

Of course. Our golf carts are environmentally friendly because they run on electricity, which lowers noise and carbon emissions. This makes them a good choice for golf fields and personal use.

You can, of course! We let you customize your electric golf cart in many ways, from choosing the color to adding extra accessories. This way, you can make it fit your wants and tastes.

We offer a full guarantee that covers both parts and labor for up to two years from the date of purchase. This protects your investment against problems with the way it was made and how it works.

To keep your cart going easily, you should charge the battery as directed, clean and inspect the vehicle on a regular basis, check the tire pressure, and set up yearly service checks with a qualified technician.

Yes, we do offer flexible payment choices to make it easier for people to own an electric golf cart. Our payment plans have flexible rates and terms that can be changed to fit your needs and budget.

  1. Certainly. Our electric golf carts are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes beyond the golf course, including community transportation, property management, and personal mobility in private and approved public spaces. Be sure to check local regulations regarding electric vehicle use in your area.

6 seater golf cart for sale


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